Red Tape


An Inquiry into Privacy Concerns: Memex, the Deep Web, and Sex Trafficking

Contributed by Jeffery Hammonds

This research study will examine how large scale data mining may negatively affect privacy as it helps solve national and international sex trafficking crimes. The data mining tool researched here is the Memex Project; created, implemented, and managed by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The Memex Project senses patterns in large amounts of data and makes connections. Memex was created to assist the federal government in cracking down on human trafficking. It may also be used by national governments in the fight against terrorism in the near future. While the Memex Project’s purpose is admirable, it could be used as a tool to intrude on the privacy of law-abiding citizens. As part of this research study, a breakdown of how data mining is defined and regulated by United States law will also be examined.


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