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Information Security Management – Current Threats, Challenges, & Mitigations

Contributed by Mark E. Turner
Security threats continue to present challenges to both private and public sectors. Evidence of this problem is provided in daily news reports of data breaches involving private citizens data. Information security Management (ISM) has become the largest growing field within Information Technology (IT) as a result. With funding being increased for the sole purpose of addressing these threats and the challenges associated with mitigating them, it is important to maintain an up to date and relevant understanding of current trends within this field.


Role of Machine Learning in change of Identity and Access Management: A proposed design of IAM for University System

Contributed by Subhrodip Roy Chowdhury


Managing Access in an Enterprise Environment

Contributed by Marc Colonna
Access control starts with the front door to the organization, continues with appropriate security in and outside of the data center, and finishes with good user education. Strong and competent companies will employ the appropriate security standards deemed necessary for their organization. “If your data could be of any value to someone without proper authorization to access it, then your organization needs strong access control” (Martin, 2018). Physical security such as security cameras and security doors are only as functional as the habits of those who are using them. Control over network access and network resources must be suitable for the data it is protecting. Policies are required to keep these systems in balance and always improving as technology changes.
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Hacking the Human

Contributed by David McDaniel


Developing a Secure Manufacturing Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Environment

Contributed by Andres Castillo
Technology advances constantly and in the process of developing new ways to collect data, new security concerns become more prevalent. In order to increase profit, manufacturing requires increased efficiencies in processes and procedures, data collection is essential to the environment as a whole. It also provides valuable information for improving quality, time, maintenance plans, environmental data, as well as providing archived information for future evaluations. Developing a secured infrastructure is paramount to ensuring the companies data does not become susceptible to virus attacks, ransomware or fall into the wrong hands. Within this paper we will address intrusion and detection security for IIOT devices and developing a secure data strategy to address securing data collection points, securing hardware and transmission paths, as well as determining risk and providing solutions.


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