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Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy - The Many Faces of Anonymous

Written by Gabriella Coleman
I was personally interested in reading about Anonymous and bought this book to satisfy that urge.  It was released in 2014/2015 but an interesting read to understand the history and impact they had on the world.
The book starts with the beginning of the movement in 4chan and concludes with how the Anonymous organization has evolved and how the world has changed because of their existence.  The book also includes details about key members, clips of conversations that occurred over the years, internal struggles the group had, and how an author lost herself to an activist organization.  


Hacked Again

Written by Scott N. Schober

Hacked Again is a book about an introduction to information security and key terms or phrases used in the industry. Each chapter covers a different aspect of Information Security which includes a definition and a few examples to clarify. Scott, the author, clearly has a lot of experience in the industry and relays that throughout the book. His examples are clear, and to the point. Each chapter is relatively short, and to the point as well. You will never find yourself looking to see how many pages are left.

Pros: Excellent introduction to information security for beginners. It covers many of the popular items like phishing, proper passwords, and website security. This is a great resource for a small business owner to get up to speed on some current concerns, as well as offers advice on specific topics


r00ting the hacker: An Interview with Dan Verton

Contributed by Tarek

"...With every technology there are unintended consequences. And in the case of computer technology, the unintended
consequence was that inherently bad people could use the new technology to do bad things."
- Dan Verton, author of The Hacker Diaries

This document is in PDF format. To view it click here.


Counter Hack Reloaded: A Step-by-Step Guide to Computer Attacks and Effective Defenses

Written by Ed Skoudis Ed Skoudis is a recognized expert in host and network security. This is an update to Ed's previous book, Counter Hack. This time, he has enlisted the help of Tom Liston, known for his tarpit work ([...] For those unfamiliar with the Counter Hack book, it includes details and examples on everything a security professional should know. This includes ports and protocols, UNIX need to knows, Windows need to knows, Reconnaissance, application attacks, Operating System attacks, Network attacks, Denial of Service attacks, Trojans, Backdoors, Rootkits, altering logs, covert channels, and examples of real world attacks. For those who have not taken the Advanced hacking course at SANS, this book is the closest you will come to experiencing Ed's expertise without taking the course. Ed gives relevant, detailed examples with diagrams and charts, explains how attacks occur, what to look for, and how to defend against them.


Malware: Fighting Malicious Code

Written by Ed Skoudis

Once again, Ed has captured the essence of exactly what makes him one of the greatest educators I have ever had the privilege to meet. In his most recent book, Malware, he discusses a topic that has been in the headlines for the last year or so. Starting with SQL Slammer worm, and adding the flurry of worms and viruses that soon followed, Malware raised everyone's eyebrows at the new threats that haunt us today.

The book begins with a chapter defining Malware. It covers Trojans, Backdoors, Viruses, Worms and Malicious Applets. Ed and Lenny give a history lesson on each of these nasties to demonstrate that many of these Malware started out quit innocently. He digs deeper into the world of malicious software and touches on Rootkits. Ed does an excellent job of discussing both Windows level attacks and UNIX type attacks.


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