Anti-Virus Evasion Techniques and Countermeasures

Contributed by Debasis Mohanty

The objective of this article is to demonstrate different possible ways that viruses and worms coders use to evade any Anti-Virus products while coding malicious programs and at the same time I shall also be discussing about the countermeasures techniques to prevent against such attacks. Before I go in depth I assume that the readers of this article are well aware of the difference between worms and viruses.

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Sniffing in a Switched Network

Contributed by Manu Garg

An overivew of sniffing in a switched network with a recipe to hack a switch using Ettercap and Ethereal.

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Paradox of Web Leeching

Contributed by Aditya K Sood


Security Issues With Address Resolution Protocol

Contributed by Akash Shrivastava

Any computer which is connected to the Network (LAN or WAN) has two addresses. One is the IP Address (An IP Address is a 32-bit number included of a host number and a network prefix, both of which are used to uniquely identify each node within a network), and the second is Physical or Ethernet Address called MAC Address (An Ethernet address or MAC Address is a 48-bit six-part hexadecimal number in which a colon separates each part, for example, 8:0:20:1:2f:0. This number identifies the Ethernet board installed in a PC and is used to identify the PC as a member of the network).
The foremost intention of present study is to understand and deal with the subject of ARP Spoofing.

The issue that how ARP spoofing can be used for different kind of attacks to Network Structure and Operating Systems and how to provide countermeasures to protect them has been reviewed and discussed in this article.


ARP Poisoning In Practice

Contributed by DiabloHorn & Kimatrix

Well here we are again DiabloHorn and Kimatrix this time with a finished CCNA semester. We have been busy with some school things like finishing the ccna lessons but it has brought us more things to play with like ARP. We digged up some info on arp and layer2 and started to read. After finishing ccna and done reading the papers we decided to put it all into practice in a controlled environment. So that we could test the things that where discussed in the papers. We decided to ask our teacher if we could borrow the lab and well he said yes :D

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