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Biometric Security Now And In The Future

Contributed by Justice E. Thurman


Locky: The New Face of Ransomware

Contributed by Jeanna Long

Those of us in the Information Technology (IT) field all know what ransomware is. It is a type of malicious software that blocks access to a computer or computer system and demands payment, “ransom”, to have access to the computer system again. Over the years, ransomware has evolved and become more malicious.

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Implementing Effective Security Techniques Using Best Practices in Networking Management

Contributed by Larry Lee Jackson Jr.


Automating Incident Response Using OSSEC

Contributed by Boyd Aaron Sigmon

Exposing services to the Internet inadvertently invites attackers to constantly probe systems for ways in to a network. In the world of intrusion detection, these probes can raise alarms and require valuable manpower to block offenders and verify that the attackers haven’t been successful. The purpose of this paper is to show how to automate the incident response process of blocking some of the most common attacks by using the active response feature in a free open source tool called OSSEC.

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Ransomware Digital Extortion

Contributed by Tregenza M Henry

Just last week Methodist Hospital in Henderson Kentucky was hit with Ransomware, they are latest in a string of different organization who are being forced to seriously consider paying attackers in hope they will regain control of vital data on their own network. “The attackers are demanding a mere four bitcoins in exchange for a key to unlock the encrypted files; that’s a little more than USD $1,600 at today’s exchange rate.” (Clerix, 2016) This is the modus operando of attacker who use Ransomware, they demand payment that are well within the means of those being attacked.

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