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SSL Decryption How, When, and Why

Contributed by Brian May
decryption should be deployed in your enterprise environment, next generation firewalls (NGFW) must first be explained. In short a NGFW is a network appliance that packages together multiple security functions that range from firewall, IPS/IDS,
URL filtering, spam filtering, antivirus, anti-spyware, VPN gateway, etc. The key feature that separates NGFW from legacy port based firewalls is that the network
traffic is inspected at the application layer. Traditional port based firewalls could only apply security policies based on source, destination, and common port or port range. NGFW can identify applications such as DNS, Facebook, Teamviewer, or
Netflix and apply policy to the identified application or group of applications based on the organizations network acceptable use policy.
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Network Policies within an Enterprise Level

Contributed by Jerrette McCrimmon


Manufacturing Network Strategy Considerations with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Fog Computing

Contributed by Andres Castillo
This paper will discuss the benefits and challenges of developing an environment of IIoT and Fog computing within a manufacturing environment. Identifying security concerns to include attack points and defending against black hats in their quest to infiltrate or introduce damaging software. We will discuss benefits and concerns of establishing these new environments, as well as examples of attacks, their consequences and how to protect against such attacks. As a result, the paper will provide several considerations in the overall development of a layered manufacturing network.
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The Disruptive Impact of Coin Miners and Cryptojacking Attacks

Contributed by Craig Olson:
This paper explores the disruptive impact of coin miners on public as well as private sector entities and it also presents best practices for inoculating organizations against nefarious cryptojacking attacks. The past few years have seen an unprecedented global surge in coin mining activity which simultaneously triggered fierce competition for computing resources along with the energy needed to power them. This, in turn, spawned a rapid evolution within the coin mining industry and lead to numerous ingenious as well as unscrupulous practices including cryptojacking. To illustrate the disruptive nature of cryptojacking this paper will incorporate supporting facts and figures gathered via publicly available sources including information from research papers produced by cybersecurity organizations.
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Preventing Social Engineering Attacks

Contributed by Tristan Irvin


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