Information Security Management – Current Threats, Challenges, & Mitigations

Contributed by Mark E. Turner
Security threats continue to present challenges to both private and public sectors. Evidence of this problem is provided in daily news reports of data breaches involving private citizens data. Information security Management (ISM) has become the largest growing field within Information Technology (IT) as a result. With funding being increased for the sole purpose of addressing these threats and the challenges associated with mitigating them, it is important to maintain an up to date and relevant understanding of current trends within this field.
This paper will provide an overview of established information security management principles. These concepts will then be reviewed to form a baseline knowledge of understanding and create a literature review. Potential threats were reviewed for relevance and were identified as either external or internal. Challenges were attributed to either Recruitment, Organizational, or Infrastructure issues. The authors goal is to provide an overview of current threats and challenges to help new and current IS professionals to better understand the subject and provide solutions where relevant.
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