Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Network Infrastructure and Management

Contributed by Vinay Sawant
Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is growing at very fast rate and its use is increasing in various fields day by day. Today, Artificial Intelligence is used in many different fields like self-driven cars, medical field, astronomy, robotics, aviation, computer science, education, finance, human resources, recruiting, marketing, job search, music, algorithmic trading, market analysis, data mining, transportation, and many more. In this paper, research has been done about the use of Artificial Intelligence in Network infrastructure and Management. This paper mainly discusses about how artificial intelligence is currently being used in various computer networking related application or technologies like Network Management, Wireless networking, Software defined networking (SDN), and network security. After that, research has been done about how much value it is currently offering in networking and what improvements are needed. Also, research has been done about what are the different use cases, which new features we can think of adding for performance improvement, if there are any challenges in using Artificial Intelligence in networking, how networking companies like Cisco, Arista, Juniper are currently using Artificial Intelligence or how they are planning to use Artificial Intelligence in the future, how Artificial Intelligence can impact networking related job market, which types of jobs it may add in the future, and which types of jobs it may eliminate in the future. In this research paper investigation has been done about how Artificial Intelligence can help network management, troubleshooting and optimization, what is the impact on network management with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, and what are the new technologies the network engineers and managers will have to learn. Finally, this paper discusses about future prospective of Artificial Intelligence in network management.
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