BYOD Security Considerations in a College Environment

Contributed by Gregory Boykin
Increasing numbers of organizations are rapidly implementing bring your own device (BYOD) policies to allow users the freedom of utilizing their personal smart phones, tablets, and laptops on the organization’s network. With this shift comes many challenges relating to the security of such BOYD practices. Notably in a college environment where students, faculty, and staff often use personal devices across campus, Information Technology and Security administrators are faced with numerous factors which must be considered in balancing the need for convenience against the security of information and technology assets. This paper reviews the literature in order to highlight some of the aspects college administrators are faced with when implementing a secure BYOD policy. College campus environments differ from corporate settings in ways which affect policy and technical requirements; consequently, both technical and policy considerations should be addressed in a manner which reflects these unique characteristics. Several of these challenges unique to the college environment will be evaluated and weighed on the importance and potential impact. After a review of significant hurdles, possible best practices and recommendations for implementing BYOD in the college environment will be outlined.
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