Virtual Extensible Local Area Network (VXLAN) Implementation

Contributed by Vinay Sawant

VXLAN was introduced about two to three years ago and since its inception, it is becoming more popular and technology of the choice for most of the organizations. In this research paper we are discussing about: - Why we need VXLAN? What problems VXLAN solves? It is best suitable for which type of organizations? and how to implement VXLAN? This research paper also presents various VXLAN implementation and redundancy model and their analysis so that it useful for you to choose best model that best suits your business. We have also studied about: - Who are the various vendors available in the market today that support VXLAN and who are the manufacture of VXLAN Gateways and develop VXLAN software and what features they offer. We also discuss about security implementation in VXLAN network. Finally, we are concluding this research paper by listing best practices to implement VXLAN in your network.

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