Effective Security Patch Management

Contributed by Awojana Tolulope

Results have proven over the years that more than 90 percent of successful Internet-based attacks exploit software applications which were inappropriately configured or patched. Many of these attacks are usually conducted by humans or internet based worms. However, with the constant report of vulnerabilities from the various industries across the world there is still a need for improvement in security patch management. Vulnerability Management is an integral part of computer and network security. It is an unending information risk process of managing network security by reducing the damage on the security of a network which occurred as a result of possible design or implementation flaws. Patch management is a subset of vulnerability management. It involves obtaining, testing and installing security patches to reduce or eradicate one or more susceptibilities in a network. This paper would be discussing the process involved in effective security patch management highlighting the events in the life cycle of vulnerability for an organization with the adequate best practices required for an effective security patch management. It would also describe the importance of automating the process to address the increased threats identified by the known security vulnerabilities.

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