Li-Fi and its Future

Submitted by Michael Mozingo
Light fidelity (Li-Fi) is a way to transmit data using visible light communications. Since it uses visible light, it has the ability to be much stronger and faster than Wi-Fi which uses radio frequency to transmit data. Li-Fi is an emerging technology that still has a ways to go in order to truly replace Wi-Fi. Currently, it is seen as a way to work alongside Wi-Fi to increase data transmission. There are several limitations, such as, the inability for light to pass through objects, it has a short range, and it is not currently suitable for outdoor transmission. All of these limitations must be addressed in order for it to be a viable option to replace Wi-Fi in the future. This term paper will discuss what light fidelity (Li-Fi) is and how it could be used in the future to either completely replace Wi-Fi or work with it to help increase the way data is transmitted.
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