The Evolution of Patent Laws

Contributed by Jerrette McCrimmon
In the world of technology, creativity, and innovation the computer has been a stepping stone for mass production of products through its own self-formed from a patented invention. Patents have all but changed from its original laws in the sense of how one can complement an existing invention or be a competitive successor to a previous or current inventor’s product. Because the shift of technology advances has allowed so many products by inventors the question of patent laws is under heavy scrutiny in terms of what boundaries can an inventor enter without it being considered infringement or instead just a newly created invention. Patents have been the topic in the world of technology between companies and distributors that have led to many lawsuits stemming from inventors over who gets credit for the invention. The never-ending lawsuits have left some companies barely in business to some companies being able to still compete with its competitor without loss of product or business practices. One factor that has arrived is the evolution of the law and how it is affecting patent creators.
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