Hacking Back – Offense/Defense in Enterprise IT Security

Contributed by Edgar Hurtado Jr

One of the many thoughts that travel through the minds of the computer user are these questions, Am I being hacked? Am I safe to open this email? Am I vulnerable to a malware? Unfortunately in today’s day and age we are very open to hackers invading our personal privacy and personal values without any high risks for them to be caught and persecuted. There are millions of individuals all over the world currently connected to the internet if either for personal or professional use. Many of those users are providing some scale of defense from outside attacks to the network connection they are on. But can we gather the attacker’s intrusion information and attack them back. May we be considered a hacker even though it is to locate and stop that hacker from any future attacks? That will be up to you and I will try to present the views of hacking back being a way to fight the increasing flood of hackers.

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