Biometric Security Now And In The Future

Contributed by Justice E. Thurman

Biometric technology has become the newest thing to implement in mobile devices, office building and is even being used to keep track of employees start and end time for work through a finger print clock out system. Biometric has come a long way since its first uses as just a filing system for criminals. With the rise of more and more private date like bank account information being stored on servers and even peoples mobile devices the need for something more secure than just a password is more prevalent than ever. The easiest thing to fill that gap is the uses of something that people with no technological background can easily use with little to no training. A finger print, iris, and a user’s face can easily be used as a form of authentication. Without having to remember any long numbers or short phrases to use as complicated passwords for important information and accounts. Biometrics is being used though out the technological world and this will increase as technology becomes more integrated in to our everyday lives.

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