Implementing Effective Security Techniques Using Best Practices in Networking Management

Contributed by Larry Lee Jackson Jr.

This paper seeks to review current trends associated with securing an enterprise network and demonstrate an effective plan for doing so. With the continued rapid increase of information technology and application usage in the business world comes the need for improved techniques to ensure effective management of vital networks. Because the network plays such a pivotal role in today’s business environment the need for administrators to find effective means of securing it is more necessary than ever. Best practices can be used to ensure administrators effectively use their time and resources to solve or preempt problems before they can grow to an overwhelming size. The best practices used in ensuring security of the network can fall under three broad categories, preparation, prevention and response. These categories, along with good software and hardware to support it, can assist any network administrator in securing their network. Reducing risk across the network can be seen as a leading objective of administrators and by utilizing sound and effective techniques administrators can be ensured that the policies, equipment and proper strategies they have in place will help to lessen if not eliminate risk. Finally, this paper will attempt to make an educated guess as to the future trends surrounding network security and the possible challenges that will be faced by administrators. Because technology will continue to evolve and businesses will have to evolve along with it there will always be a tremendous need for network administrators to ensure functionality of their network and its resources.

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