Apple iOS Security

Contributed by Tyler Jeffords

As we all know mobile security is on the rise and with around two hundred seventy five million iPhones sold since 2007 Apple iOS security has a lot to live up to (Global Apple iPhone sales, 2013). Can iOS security compete with other mobile operating systems out there? Well today I will be discussing the strengths and weaknesses of Apple iOS and how it matches up with other mobile operating systems on the market. Did you know iOS was originally known as iPhone OS but leased the name iOS from Cisco in 2010 before the release of the iPad. I mean come on you can’t have an iPad running iPhone OS. My research comes from a wide variety of places such as discussion forums, magazines, websites, textbooks and Apples Guide to iOS Security. Though my research I have learned about the system architecture, encryption, data protection, and access security on the device. I have come to a conclusion that iOS security can not only compete in the today’s market but it is the top dog. Apple has spent a numerous amount of hours developing its security boot chain and ensuring that all applications remain safe for its customers.

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