Excessive Technological Dependency

Contributed by Jill Locklear There is a name that is used among individuals describing those born after 1980. It is called “Digital Natives” (Palfrey & Gasser, 2008). These digital natives were born into society when technology and digital systems were in heavy use. This generation is mundane to the rapid evolution of technology and can quickly learn how to operate it. The simplicity of technology has created a life that many individuals rely heavily upon. We expect that our lights in our home will come on with the flip of a switch and our vehicle to start with the turn of a key. However, technology fails and in many cases when that occurs, we tend to react negatively. Does this account for the fact that we depend on technology too much? This paper will address the idea of excessive dependence upon technology. We have transformed from a society that was built on trust, loyalty, and hard work to one that stands in line for the latest iPhone to be released to the public. We will discuss the history of technological evolution in order to understand the basis behind technological change and offer positive and negative attributes of technological evolvement behind the expansion of society’s excessive technological dependence.

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