Securing Wireless Mobile Devices

Contributed by Lamaris Davis

As more employees prefer to use mobile devices in the workplace, organizations are starting to adopt the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach totally. This option leads to employees having more control over corporate information, and this is creating more work for organization’s security team because they have less control over the mobile security. There are two most commonly used mobile operating systems being used today which are iOS and Android, iOS is produced by Apple and Android is produced by Google. It’s very important to find creative ways to secure the wireless mobile devices that takes up so much of our time today. Most end users use basic rules such as setting a Personal Identification number (PIN) password or simply they choose to lock up their screen. A personal identification number is a secret numeric that can be used by a user on a system to authenticate themselves. Some end users chooses to utilize a security suite like Avast mobile security or Lookout Mobile security to protect their devices.

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