Enterprise Database Security Issues and Solutions

Contributed by Roger Brenton Huff

This paper will review some of the key security issues that databases succumb to as well as some solutions and preventions to these problems. Specifically, it will focus on several key issues such as platform vulnerabilities, which can cause issues with software updates and could cause an attack on the database by gaining access and corrupting the databases data. It will also focus on SQL injections and how an attacker may gain access by inserting a line of code into a database channel, which can allow them to gain access to the database and its information. Other areas of focus will be Denial of Service attacks and Data exposure through backups. Although these security breaches can occur and are the most used to attack databases, there are ways to prevent these attacks from happening or mitigate the attack. This paper will bring forward ways that all these issues can be prevented and help keep the databases security and credentials as strong as they can be.

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