Virtualization and its Impact to the Process of Transforming to "Green" Data Centers

Contributed by Paola Stone Martinez

When we hear “green” datacenter, everybody associates it to a friendly environmental building, but there are a lot of steps and contemplations before a location can be considered “green”. As new technologies are developed, the demand for different services grows as well. Sometimes the technology changes too quick we cannot physically adapt to it. Example of it is the digital era we are leaving on. The amount of data that we are producing is very big, at the beginning adding more physical resources was the best solution. Nowadays, adding more equipment is very hard not only because of space concerns, but also because of the amount of energy required for these systems to work. Data centers and cloud computing complement each other. Technologies are shared between them and the results are great. One of these technologies is virtualization. This paper is divided in three sections. First, I start explaining about data centers, what they are, how they can become “green” buildings, and about the main “green’ certification systems. Then, I cover some basic information about virtualization, as well as its advantages. Finally, both concepts are put together. The results of some experiments between physical and virtualized servers are presented in order to understand how actually virtualization affects the energy consumption in data centers.

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