Malware: Fighting Malicious Code

Written by Ed Skoudis

Once again, Ed has captured the essence of exactly what makes him one of the greatest educators I have ever had the privilege to meet. In his most recent book, Malware, he discusses a topic that has been in the headlines for the last year or so. Starting with SQL Slammer worm, and adding the flurry of worms and viruses that soon followed, Malware raised everyone's eyebrows at the new threats that haunt us today.

The book begins with a chapter defining Malware. It covers Trojans, Backdoors, Viruses, Worms and Malicious Applets. Ed and Lenny give a history lesson on each of these nasties to demonstrate that many of these Malware started out quit innocently. He digs deeper into the world of malicious software and touches on Rootkits. Ed does an excellent job of discussing both Windows level attacks and UNIX type attacks.

One thing Ed does that simply pushes this book out in front of the competition, is that he introduces new ideas and theories. As an example, he introduces new attacks to BIOS and Microcode. This is a new concept that he gives an explanation of how it might be done, the results that might be sought after, and how to protect yourself. His vision of the future is what sets him above and beyond anyone else in this field.

One of the last chapters of the book entitled "Malware Analysis" demonstrates the expertise of Lenny Zeltser. Lenny is a subject matter expert when it comes to reverse engineering and studying Malware. He gives great examples of a lab setup to dissect Malware as well as common tools and approaches that he uses. He even goes as far to give checklist for Preparation and verification of your own lab!

This book is a must for anyone in the Technology Industry. Managers will find use in it as it explains what each of these Malware has the capability of doing to their environment. Technologist and System Administrators will learn how to differentiate from the different types of Malware and proper defenses for each. Information Security Administrators will learn the history and quite possibly the future of Malware.

5 out of 5 stars.

Malware: Fighting Malicious Code

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