Outsourcing/Off-shoring IT Security: Is It worth the Risk?

Contributed by Wil Rodriguez

Information Technology (IT) companies are always trying to improve and streamline business processes to increase customer satisfaction, while decreasing operational and infrastructure costs. One of the growing trends for U.S. IT companies is to outsource certain job functions or all IT related functions to another IT company within the U.S. The other trend is off-shoring jobs and or IT related functions to other countries such as India. However, some of the IT functions that are either outsource or off-shored pertains to IT Security, where it encompasses Intellectual Property (IP). Furthermore, IT Security services such as firewall and configuration management, monitoring, and IT security jobs are also outsourced or off-shored. For this research, the disadvantages and advantages to outsourcing or off-shoring IT Security will be discussed, along with the risks involved and choosing what aspects to IT security should be considered for outsourcing and off-shoring.

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