Foreign Network Workspace: Overview and Considerations

Contributed by Ryan Daley

In the ever growing and increasingly intertwined world of networking, as an IT manager / CIO, you may come across the need to create a "local" workspace within the confines of a foreign network. When planning the deployment of a workspace that's location is within another companies network and physically located within the confines of a building that is managed by another governing corporation. Developing a new site can be a complicated and hazy area of planning, policy and risk management, however when considering the site is meshing two governing bodies, it can drastically increase the complication. Currently, my company (a radiology firm) is developing an offsite workspace for our employees within a remote hospital that is not under our management. The research shown in this paper is a baseline for a remote integration, post trial and error of a real-world production integration, highlighting the planning, risk evaluation, and policy development as referenced and compared with existing literature on the previously mentioned topics.

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