Enterprise Desktop Management Security Strategy

Contributed by Liz Cummings

Information Security is currently a hot topic, with the recent data breaches of reputable companies. Cybercrime is widespread and the landscape has changed drastically. Businesses can’t protect assets, as they need five years ago. In the past, businesses were concerned with securing a desktop pc, servers, and the network architecture. Today, however, company data is accessed from desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, virtual machines, wirelessly, the cloud, and personal technologies. As employers seek to find more productive and cost efficient avenues to do businesses, they will need to develop an all-encompassing approach to secure company data. It is important to understand the threats and vulnerabilities that impact information security. Some of the risks include theft, vulnerabilities in unpatched applications and operating systems, malware, identity theft, loss of data and intellectual property. A multifaceted approach is key to securing enterprise systems that safeguarding data against this array of threats. The purpose of this research is to develop an enterprise desktop security strategy to protect and secure data. This research will provide a strategic approach for securing desktops, laptops and other devices and pinpointing alternatives to increase security. Security breaches have the most substantial impact on a business resulting in monetary loss, privacy, and damage to the corporate reputation. This research paper will develop a strategy that includes desktop security best practices, virtualization, zero and/or thin clients, management tools, user training and policies and procedures. It is the responsibility of the business to ensure confidentiality, reliability and performance. The outcomes of this security strategy will offer businesses a resource to better identify the associated threats and a strategy to diminish and/or eliminate those risks.

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