Paradox of Web Leeching

Contributed by Aditya K Sood

This paper delineates the anti circumventory paradox of Leeching. This matrix co-persists with the attackers and protectors. Leeching is derived from an animal Leech, that is a parasite which nourishes itself from other resources. The same case occurs when an attacker exploits technology constraints of other party thereby providing nothing but loss in one or the other sense. This concept encompasses web, system and network in whole. The process is really critical in its context. The concern is to protect the resources. Is it possible to eliminate them fully? It is not possible to completely break off its sustenance from the matrix though damage can be controlled. The prime point is to protect functional objects. The matrix works like that. Pre and post exploitation revolves around this matrix context. The leeching is always considered to be as a floating object in the computer security panorama. This object is created by evil minds. The other inherited object is Anti Leeching which works entirely opposite to the previous object. The cross matrix wars go on and on between these two objects .If one looks at the security personally then protection has to be implemented to de- stabilize the leeching attacks.

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