Too Easy? Finding personal Information on the World Wide Web has never been so easy

Contributed by Charles Hornat

I will be returning to the days where I contribute papers to help those interested in learning about Information Security or giving tips or pointers to those more experienced. I have been doing security now for over 20 years and I have seen security change its focus from networks and Internet to servers and workstations, to application based, to where we are today, data based. It seems the biggest challenge we, as security professionals have facing us, is identifying the “Crown Jewels” of our companies, and protecting them. This means a more focused approach to protecting actual data, not so much the network, the servers, the applications, or the Internet. Of course these things should not be neglected, and a layered approach is mandatory, but more focus needs to be made on the protection of the actual data than a system or network nowadays, in my opinion.

This paper discusses one of the things that happens to that data after it has been compromised.

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