Strong Security Posture for the Mobile Data Age at Universities in the U.S.

Contributed by Stephen Allen

This paper will present the current security strategies for securing mobile data at U.S. Universities. In today’s high tech world each worker has a mobile device that can also connect to the organization's WiFi and provide a possible breach. My paper will present ways to help prevent these security issues by a combination of training users and adding security measures like encryption and lock and erase software for mobile devices. There are many proactive actions companies can take to stop this type of breech and I plan to elaborate on those areas. I will also list current hardware and software products that I think will help assist in those security threat areas. I plan to also include current and future types of protection to deter and stop advance persistent threats. Since the topic can be so large I will try to narrow my scope to that of a university as a healthcare or banking organization would have an even more in depth approach.

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