Defense Against the DoS/DDoS Attacks on Cisco Routers

Contributed by Hang Chau and restored from the old Infosecwriters archives.

DoS/DDoS attacks are a virulent, relatively new type of Internet attacks, they have caused some biggest web sites on the world -- owned by the most famous E-Commerce companies such as Yahoo, eBay, Amazon -- became inaccessible to customers, partners, and users, the financial losses are very huge. On the other hand, if the international terrorist organizations use the DoS/DDoS to attack successfully the web sites or Internet systems of U.S. government and military, the results and losses will be disastrous and unimaginable.

Cisco routers are said to have a market share of over 90% in the Internet. They are used widely by most large companies and agencies all over the world, and are considered as the most important building blocks of the Internet. But, Cisco routers have several vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to disrupt Internet traffic, intercept sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers or redirect traffic from web sites. Securing the router is the first thing that network administrators need to do.

Therefore, for guarding both American national security and commercial security, it is really important to detecting, preventing and mitigating the DoS/DDoS attacks on the Cisco routers.

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