Are Companies Really Protecting Consumer Information

Contributed by Carl Brackett.

Technology has changed through the years and has affected the way items are purchased, whether it is online or at conventional stores. Cash or check is not the only means of paying for a purchase as people have started taking advantage of debit or credit cards since they are suppose to be safer than carrying cash. The real question that comes to mind, are people really safer using a debit or credit card?

People are under the impression that their information associated to these cards are safe and secure when making a transaction, but the fact is unclear to most individuals that the information is vulnerable when these companies do not take appropriate security measures to keep this information secure. Over the last several years, there have been many incidents where this data has been obtained from security breaches like Target, Wal-Mart, TJ Max, Home Depot, or online websites like Apple or eBay.

Investigating these types of security compromises will provide knowledge and specific examples of security breaches that were not properly prepared for when an attack occurred on their data, which the consumer trusted with the company when they slid their card at the company’s register. These breach examples will provide some insight on how security management can prepare for future attacks and lessons learned from previous experiences. Conclusions will be based on information provided by these specific examples of security compromises.

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