Mobile Device Attacks

Contributed by Vicki Holzknecht.

comScore reported for the month of September, the top two smartphone market share holders in the United States are Android, 52.1% and Apple, 41.7% (Lella, 2014). Many users go about their day checking /sending email, text messaging, sharing photos on social media sites without ever thinking about the security angle of their daily activities performed on mobile device. In May 2014, ConsumerReports discovered thirty-four percent of the smartphone users did not enable any security features on device (Tapellini, 2014). Last year alone, mobile malware attacks rapidly grew to one hundred and sixty-seven percent (Vinton, 2014); approximately 100,000 malicious programs for mobile devices were detected (Hilburn, 2014). This paper is broken down into the following areas: Mobile Attacks and Don’t Be A Victim.

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