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Internet Acceptable Use Policies: Drawing the line by Raymond Pitzen on 12/05/12

I am sure it was not long after the Internet infiltrated the workplace that Internet acceptable use policies (IAUP) followed. The IAUP serves two purposes. It protects the organization and it protects the employees. By following the IAUP employees know the boundaries in which to freely use the information systems and equipment at their disposal. By establishing and enforcing said IAUP, the organization protects it assets from malicious attacks, ensures availability of resources, provides a productive work environment, gives itself legal recourse to discipline employees who violate the policy, and saves money.

A well-defined Internet acceptable use policy (IAUP) can mitigate many of the risks associated with exposure to the Internet. This paper will discuss the background and importance of an IAUP and its role. It will also take a look at some of the consequences and advantages in either being too strict or too liberal as well as examine some of the components that define an IAUP.

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