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Old School Newbie Guide circa 2000 by Raven on 06/12/11

You are reading what was my attempt at writing the best guide for the complete newbie and hacker wannabe. It is supposed to be... well I can't tell you what it IS I can't criticize myself but I could tell you what it's supposed to be and hopefully the critics would agree with me.

It's supposed to be a what every newbie is looking for. It's supposed to be a guide that will show the hacker wannabe the right path and prevent him from turning out to become a lousy script kiddie like most hacker wannabes do. It's supposed to teach you what are the true ways of the hacker clear up all the common mistakes that the popular media and especially 'hacker movies' make and explain what a real hacker is and how hacking is like in the real world.

This guide is also supposed to teach you a few nice tricks as a start and several basic concepts. So by the time you finish reading this guide you will learn how the Internet works you will learn basic terms such as TCP/IP protocols, client-server protocols, host names, sniffing, Unix, Linux and several more.

This document is in PDF format. To view it click here.

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