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An Analysis of the IDS Penetration Tool: Metasploit by Josh Marquez on 09/12/10

Since the late nineties, the Internet has grown at an exponential rate. One of the biggest spurts in growth came between the years of 1995-2000 with the dot-com bubble that prompted the spawn of e-commerce for virtually every facet of society. The success of the Internet has brought great change to the world as we know it; however, not all of this growth has been productive. With thousands of sites launching daily and limited resources available to monitor the credibility and/or security of these sites the existence of vulnerabilities was inevitable.

Eventually exploits became rampant causing the information security field to step up its game. The result was the pre-emptive existence of vulnerability testers thatís sole purpose was to attempt to exploit such software far before others got the opportunity. One of these researchers was a man by the name of H.D. Moore who in the summer of 2003 founded the Metasploit Project [1].

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