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Non-technical & Misc. books:

Title:Information Trickery: The Great IT Upgrade Scam
Author: Brian Hitchen and Mike Lee
ISBN: 0954364201
Publisher: Brian Hitchen and Mike Lee
Catagory: Non-technical & Misc.
Level: Beginner
Price: $--> Buy online
Description:Able Smith & Winston found themselves the victim of an organized Hack from a Russian based team. Like any company that doesn’t prioritize information security, they were in the position of having an insecure network. But the result for them was a lot more serious than just illegal access...they found lives at risk and their livelihood threatened.


  • 28-04-2004: Charles Hornat - () “Information Trickery” runs similarly to a Michael Crichton novel, written in creative and entertaining fashion with an underlying technical subject; in this case the story skillfully manages to evoke everyday critical information security issues. Full review

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