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Markus Jakobsson & Zulfikar Ramzan

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Netcat Geek Quiz by Ed Skoudis (Counter Hack)

How to Tell If You Are A Netcat Geek

Netcat is a fantastic general-purpose network connection widget. It's incredibly flexible and highly usable by both good guys and bad. Written for Unix variants by Hobbit and for Windows by Weld Pond, you can find Netcat here.

Have you ever wondered if you are obsessed with Netcat? If so, take the following test to either assuage or confirm your concern. If you score more than 100 points, you have a Netcat obsession.

1) Have you ever used Netcat to implement a:

Command shell backdoor ?
Web browser ?
DNS server ?
Lotus Notes client ?
Lotus Notes server ?

2) Have you ever altered the Netcat source to add one more command-line flag that you just had to have?


3) What is the longest chain of Netcat relays (port redirectors) you've created?

1-2 relay
3-5 relays
6-10 relays
Can't count that high

4) Have you given up using the hopelessly lame FTP and now use Netcat (or better yet, Cryptcat) for all file transfers between the systems you own?


5) Have you ever:

Given one of your children the middle name "Hobbit" ?
Given one of your children the first name "Hobbit" ?
Given one of your children the first name and middle name "Hobbit Weld" ?


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