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A major objective of the Info Security Writers is seeking the security enthusiasts who write. Most of the site’s content is generated by these people willing to share their knowledge and experiences on the various aspects of security/hacking via original white papers, articles and projects.

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11/04/14: TERMPAPER: Smart Phone Hacking - Travis Mitchell submits this termpaper on the risks and threats to cell phones today.
12/05/12: Internet Acceptable Use Policies: Drawing the line - Raymond Pitzen submits this paper on Acceptable Use Policies and things to consider when creating your own.
11/05/12: Securing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Security - David Borland submits this paper on Amazon AWS security basics. A very good overvie wif you are considering Amazon as a cloud provider and want to know more about the security they provide.
10/05/12: Getting maximum value from Penetration Testing - This vendor provided paper is a little different from most papers on Penetration Testing, in that it takes a holistic approach to the subject matter, and discusses both the strengths and weaknesses of Penetration Testing, and attempts to inform the reader in such a way as to empower them to extract maximum value from the exercise (whether they are doing it themselves or paying some external firm to).
06/12/11: Old School Newbie Guide circa 2000 - This is a flashback paper written by the founder and creator of SWG, our original site. Later it changed ownership and direction and became ISW. To those that remember Raven, enjoy! This is in celebration of our 10 year anniversary at ISW!
29/11/11: Analysis of Malicious Software Infections - Kenneth Davis submits this paper on a study of Malicious Softwares. He discussed the threats and ways to help mitigate the risks associated.
28/11/11: Malware in Information Security - Jared Dukes submits this paper on Malware. He discusses the history of Malware as well as reasons one could become infected.
27/11/11: DoS! Denial of Service - Kevin Hattingh submits this educational paper on DoS. He includes a dmonstration as well as how it is being used in modern day attacks.
09/12/10: An Analysis of the IDS Penetration Tool: Metasploit - Josh Marquez writes this introductory paper on Metasploit.
26/07/10: Experimental Review of IPSec Features to Enhance IP Security - Shilpa Nandamuri writes this paper that discusses IPSEC, how it works and touches on IKE, AHs and ESP for those not familair with it. anticipates your written contributions. CLICK HERE for writing guidelines & other criteria.

FYODOR reports CNET Trojanizes Downloads!!! - 2011-12-06
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Hi Folks. I've just discovered that C|Net's Download.Com site has started wrapping their Nmap downloads (as well as other free software like VLC) in a trojan installer which does things like installing a sketchy 'StartNow' toolbar, changing the user's default search engine to Microsoft Bing, and changing their home page to Microsoft's MSN.

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Happy Holidays from ISW - 2011-11-28
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Information Security Writers wishes everyone, everywhere, a very happy holiday season! Be safe and secure!

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Now on Twitter - 2011-11-28
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Follow us on Twitter. Get site updates, news flashes and etc. Tweet: infosecwriters

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Here Kitty Kitty Kitty - 2010-06-22
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For those that saw the kitty, I found it entertaining, and hope you did too. Remember, we are a free site with people contributions. There is no confidential information, we dont sell anything, and there is nothing of value here. I did enjoy the kitty though!

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