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Best Security Papers of the Month Contest:

Contest FAQs

Prizes Catalog

Markus Jakobsson & Zulfikar Ramzan

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Best Security Papers of the Month

Submissions | Contest FAQs | Prizes Catalog | Past Winners

Continue to submit your papers and win!

"The security writers - their long hours of concentration, creativity, fine-tuning …and of course unselfishly articulating. The end product is what we read, interpret and attempt to utilize in the world of information security.

This contest is simply a tribute to these guys and gals. To give in return to what they give to the community. Perhaps also serving as a motivator; to spur on the very best in ‘em.” — V.S.

For each month, two (2) papers released on the site will be selected as best security papers of that particular month. The winning writers both receive prizes courtesy of the InfoSec Writers and sponsors; may it be security books, CD ROM, or T-shirt etc. Please see the Prizes Catalog.

Continue to send your paper submissions for publication to See the submissions page for topics, criteria and other helpful guidelines.

FAQ – Eligibility, Judging Criteria, Winner Selection & Notification, General Conditions

1) Who is eligible?
A person over the age of 18 years who submits his or her paper for publication automatically has the opportunity to win. Professional authors, companies & representatives, advertising & promotion affiliates, members & the immediate families of the judging panel and of the InfoSec Writers management are not eligible. Giveaways are void where prohibited, restricted or taxed by law. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply.

2) If I am not eligible or do not win, will the InfoSec Writers host/continue to host my work?
Of course! The contest is not barrier. Even though a paper is not a winner or the writer may not be eligible, this does not affect our acceptance policy. Please see our submissions page.

3) What are valid topics; what are the writing guidelines?
Please see our submissions page.

4) When submitting a paper, do I need to submit personal info?
No, only if you are selected a winner will you be required to submit your name and shipping address to claim the prize. For privacy concerns, please review our privacy policy.

5) Can I submit more than one paper a month?
Yes. The more you expose your work the better.

6) What are the judging criteria?
Papers are judged by originality, creativity, accuracy, presentation and overall importance to the security community and to the industry.
NB. This is not used as a basis for the acceptance or rejection of papers, but only as a basis for selection of the best papers of the month. Please see the Submission & Publication section for related information on the acceptance of papers.

7) How will winners be notified?
The monthly winners will be notified by email sent to the email address specified when they submitted a paper. If a winner cannot be contacted at this email address, refuses the prize or is ineligible to accept the prize, a new winner is selected.

8) How are prizes shipped? Do I have to cover shipping?
Prizes are shipped via U.S. Postal Services (USPS) and then through your respective foreign courier if applies. The Information Security Writers will cover the cost. Please see the below liability disclaimer.

9) Do previous winners still have the opportunity to participate again?

10) Do InfoSec Writers accept copyrighted papers?
For contest purposes, you must be the writer and owner of your work. Do not submit work that is under someone else’s copyright.

11) What about plagiarism?
Plagiarism is not tolerated and will be grounds for automatic rejection of your paper. The potentially winning paper is thoroughly examined. In the event a winner has plagiarized, contact information will be handed over to the proper authorities.

12) How can I stay updated with the contest and contest related announcements?
Contest updates, such as monthly prizes and monthly winners will be posted on the main page and through our newsletter. Subscribe to the mailing list to recieve the InfoSec Writers' newsletter. See the opt-in terms here.

Further questions, contact us at


Security Writers and their respective affiliates, sponsors and promoters are not in any way responsible or liable for damages and loss in shipping and handling, or use of any prize awarded to a winner.

All images, content & text (unless other ownership applies) are © copyrighted 2000 -  , All rights reserved. Comments are property of the respective posters.