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Member Profiles

Charles Hornat
ISW Head Coordinator

Charles Hornat has more than a decade of computer industry experience in sales, technical and executive management positions on Wall Street, with a focus on Information Security for the past 5 years. He is an active participant in SANS for the last few years and currently serving on the SANS GISO/GISF board.


Tarek M
ISW Editor

Tarek M has been actively involved with information security and network administration for the past couple years. He also serves as a tech writer for various newspapers and security websites. His work has been featured at, the SecurityFocus Library and Slashdot.
 Robert Mears
ISW Website Architect
Robert Mears is web developer based in the UK. He is one of the founding members of the former ISW - the Security Writers Guild. His other interests includes biochemistry.
Arun Darlie Koshy
ISW Ezine Editor
Arun Koshy is the CTO of a network security company based in Australia. He holds a masters degree in Information Security from RMIT and is responsible for ISW's e-zine - The Hitchhiker's World.
Von Spangler
ISW PR & Assistant Coordinator




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