Virtual Machines and Security

Contributed by Paola Stone Martinez

The rapid growth of technologies, nowadays, demands a high availability of equipment. One of these areas is the Information Technology (IT) field where the continuous development of new software is not backed up by hardware improvements. In the IT field it is very common to find that companies have equipment with great physical capabilities, but it is not being used at its maximum. Individual severs machines often run at 5 – 10% CPU utilization. By using virtualization, various virtual servers can be consolidated within in physical server while still allowing independent configuration and failure isolation” [1]. These are some of the reasons of why virtualization has become very popular, and more companies and individuals are opting for its use


D-WARD, DDoS and Three Network Administrative Domains

Contributed by Hang Chau

DoS/DDoS attacks are a virulent, relatively new type of Internet attacks, they have caused some biggest web sites on the world -- owned by the most famous E-Commerce companies such as Yahoo, eBay, Amazon -- became inaccessible to customers, partners, and users, the financial losses are very huge.

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Apple iOS Security

Contributed by Tyler Jeffords


Securing Wireless Mobile Devices

Contributed by Lamaris Davis


Web Access Management and Single Sign-On

Contributed by Ronnie Dale Huggins

In the “old days” of computing, a user would sit down at his or her workstation, login to the desktop, login to their email system, perhaps pull up a thick client or two, login to those as well, and maybe access a couple of internal web pages, and again, login to those. Now take into account that all of these systems are likely handled by different support groups, so the user has to not only remember user IDs for all of these applications, they need to remember the password associated with these systems. All of these security silos eventually become an administrative nightmare and result in a decreased user experience. Costs associated with helpdesk calls for password resets also increase.

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