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Social Media Vulnerabilities and Considerations for the Corporate Environment

Contributed by Rob Hornbuckle


Security Synergy

Contributed by David Balaban

Unity is power. It's a simple lesson, power and strength come from unity. But for information security, we haven't quite learned this lesson yet. It's not that we're not trying, we've made a real progress over the years, but there's something fundamentally still missing. Maybe it's time for unity.

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Five Mistakes of Incident Response

Contributed by Dr. Anton Chuvakin

All organizations have to care about security incident response! Unlike detection and prevention, the response is impossible to avoid. While it is not uncommon for the organizations to have weak prevention and detection capabilities, response will have to be there since the organization will often be forced into response mode by the attackers (be it the internal abuser, omnipresent ‘script kiddy’ or the elusive ‘uber-hacker’). The organization will likely be made to respond in some way after the incident has occurred.

This article presents five mistakes that companies make regarding security incident response.

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Check Your Digital Baggage

Contributed by Eric A. Simmons

These days one would be hard pressed to find lucrative employment with a company that is not, to some extent, international. In order to maintain connections and communications, travel is inevitable. Living in the digital age requires much more planning than that of a 1970's business professional. Computers, cellular phones, and other mobile devices are more than just common place, they are somewhat essential. According to a study conducted by Flurry Analytics using data collected between January and March of 2014, the average American spent two hours and 45 minutes per day on a mobile device (Khalaf, 2014). With everyone leaning toward computers and mobile devices to pay bills, shop, and work on business projects, securing these devices and the information saved on them is paramount.

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Maintaining a Secure Network in an Educational Environment

Contributed by Larry Jackson Jr.

In this paper I will discuss the network security issues associated with securing school networks and the common methods of minimizing risks. I will focus on security issues surrounding the WAN, LAN, Wireless devices, BYOD, antivirus and mobile devices. I will discuss the legal obligations in contrast to the needs of the district when dealing with the storage and accessing of student data. I will look into new trends associated with the transmission of malware through social media outlets and the procedures or policies that can be put into place to limit the occurrences. Finally, I will discuss ways to secure your guest networks or limit access to external users.

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