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Developing a Secure Manufacturing Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Environment

Contributed by Andres Castillo
Technology advances constantly and in the process of developing new ways to collect data, new security concerns become more prevalent. In order to increase profit, manufacturing requires increased efficiencies in processes and procedures, data collection is essential to the environment as a whole. It also provides valuable information for improving quality, time, maintenance plans, environmental data, as well as providing archived information for future evaluations. Developing a secured infrastructure is paramount to ensuring the companies data does not become susceptible to virus attacks, ransomware or fall into the wrong hands. Within this paper we will address intrusion and detection security for IIOT devices and developing a secure data strategy to address securing data collection points, securing hardware and transmission paths, as well as determining risk and providing solutions.


Identification, Assessment, and Management of Risks in InfoSec

Contributed by David McDaniel


The Evolution of Patent Laws

Contributed by Jerrette McCrimmon


Information Security Framework for ABCD Company

Contributed by Stephen Jenkins
This paper will emphasize a list of recommendations for establishing an efficient information security network within the ABCD Company. Along with the provided list of recommendations an explanation on how to conform to the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.  A part of making sure that these security regulations are being met is by using the principle of separation of duties.   This paper will indicate how implementing policies physical security, logical security, access control, and network security applications can provide the necessary information security for ABCD Company to meet the necessary confidentiality, integrity and availability of the company information systems.
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Ethics of the Vulnerability Research and Penetration Testing

Contributed by David Balaban
One can easily find weak points and vulnerabilities virtually everywhere: our bodies are vulnerable to viruses and weak in front of the eternity, and there’s a lot of weak points in our memory and our mind. All the software solutions we create are also imperfect. In this article, I will try to address matters related to the ethics of the vulnerability research and pentesing.
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