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Dangerous Instincts - Use an FBI Profiler's tactics to avoid unsafe situations

This book was written by Mary Ellen O'Toole, PH.D. and Alisa Bowman.

Taken from her web site "Dr. O’Toole also worked the Elizabeth Smart and Natalee Holloway disappearances, the Columbine shootings and many other high profile cases. Her law enforcement career spanned 32 years, beginning in the San Francisco’s District Attorney’s Office when she was a Criminal Investigator. Dr. O’Toole worked as an FBI agent for 28 years, spending more than half of her Bureau career in the organization’s prestigious Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU)—the very unit that is the focus of the hit crime series “Criminal Minds.”"


Counter Hack Challenge 2004

This is an old challenge that were graced with being a host for. Ed Skoudis continues to do these yearly and you can find more here.

Hackers Of the Lost Ark


A new Crack the Hacker Challenge from author Ed Skoudis
Attempt this challenge, formulate your answers by July 2, 2004, and compete to win a prize! Details below…


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