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Software Defined Networks: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?

Contributed by A. Michele Parrish


Common Types of Recent Phishing Emails to Look out For

Contributed by David Balaban

The present-day cybercriminals often opt for social engineering to achieve their malevolent goals. The reason is obvious – it turns out that manipulating humans is just as effective as exploiting code vulnerabilities to hack into computer systems. Plus, it’s a no-brainer. All it takes is tailoring a trustworthy-looking email and sending it out to as many users as possible. By opening the attached files or clicking on embedded links, gullible recipients run the risk of catching viruses or exposing their online identity to theft.

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A Review of Cloud Computing

Contributed by Hope Roskelly

Cloud computing offers many benefits to companies. These benefits come at a cost. There are many security threats and vulnerabilities that come along with utilizing cloud computing. However, there are preventative measures that companies can do to protect themselves from these threats and vulnerabilities. There are many pros and concerns that businesses have with cloud computing. Some of these threats and concerns will be remedied through the next few years as the market pushes weak cloud providers out and the big players buy up other cloud providers.

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Personal Medical Devices

Contributed by Ann Funk

Technology in any field has been growing at a rapid pace, but one of the field’s that has seen the fastest growth would be that of the medical community. With this fast growth, security management and security of personal medical equipment has become a huge concern, especially with the field of personal medical devices. In this paper we will define what personal medical devices are, as well as discuss some of the threats and challenges that surround them. Some of the biggest threats against personal medical devices will be identified, in addition to, some of the solutions that can help keep these devices safe, not only now but also in the future.

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Adopting IPv6 in the Enterprise

Contributed by LoyCurtis Smith


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