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Internet of Things (IoT) Attacks

Contributed by Victoria Ellsworth

The Internet of Things (IoT) is based off a larger concept; the Internet of Things came from idea of the Internet of Everything. The Internet of Everything (IoE) is the idea of bringing together people, process data and things. The Internet of Everything is important because it allows us to make network connections between things that were never possible, creating a more enriching, relevant and new opportunities. The Internet of Things has allowed us to provide more physical objects connected to the internet. The growth in IoT technologies in such a short amount of time is significant and will be an important factor in knowing how to protect an organization, community and your own personal data. Understanding reasoning for IoT attacks and the preliminary measures needed protect asset will give you a better understanding and knowledge in the growing world of technology.


Virtual Private Network

Contributed by Ann Funk

Virtual Private Networks are increasing in popularity every day. This is due in large part to computer users wanting to keep their browsing habits private. The popularity is also due to the fact that VPNs are a relatively low cost, flexible and easy to use. While they may be easy, there is still a lot to learn about VPN’s.

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Video Surveillance: Best practices

Contributed by Billy Short

Video surveillance is becoming more and more prevalent in today's enterprise environments. Business factors that include security, accountability and monitoring needs drive the implementation of video surveillance systems. Video surveillance systems help keep company assets safe, monitors organizational processes and ensures accountability throughout the entire facility.

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Data Theft

Contributed by Cameron Meyer

Data theft is an ever present and continually growing issue in today’s networked world. Data theft is not simply an issue for individual computer users; it plagues large corporations and governments as well. With this in mind, individual’s privacy and financial standing are at risk in these attacks. Corporations are primarily affected monetarily and when governments are attacked, it can bring on national security issues. Individuals targeted for data theft are at risk of having their identities stolen and potentially suffering personal monetary damages. Corporate data theft has now become one of the most significant concerns for companies of every size and cybersecurity teams are essential to companies in order for companies to be successful.

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Advantages and Drawbacks to Using Biometric Authentication

Contributed by Stuart Hall

As technology advances, so must the means of heightened information security. Corporate businesses, hospitals and your regular everyday people are relying more and more on technology for conducting business, transferring medical records, on-line banking and other everyday activities such as social medial. As the need for stronger information security arises new technology and means of authentication have been created. Multifactor authentication is a means of authenticating an individual using several different forms of authentication. Some use the term three-factor authentication. Three-factor authentication falls into these categories knowledge, possession, and inherence (Haughn, 2014). I consider this as something you know, something you have and something you are.

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