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A Diamond in the Rough

Contributed by Taylor Broach

Auto markets today are flooded with new cars equipped with features harnessing cutting edge technology. Tesla Motors leads this wave of technologically advanced cars; however, their cars not only boast the best features but they offer security in their products like none other. Many other auto makers have joined the smart car revolution and displayed various attempts at a marriage of technology and the driver. Jeep has struggled greatly with their vehicle intelligence features because they have been shown to have various security vulnerabilities and dangers. Tesla offers a refined, secure and reasonably priced electric platform for drivers to feel safe carrying their families in.

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Hacking: What Video Gamers Love to Hate

Contributed by Matthew Cantu

This paper explains the effects hacking has on the video game industry. The paper also goes into great detail about why these hackers have become so apparent the last decade as games have become more sophisticated. The video game industry is taking a major hit each and every year and must battle everyday against these hackers to preserve, not only their game, but also their reputation. As you begin to look further into the paper you’ll discover how these companies have begun to counteract some of these hackers. Some of the hackers may be easier than others to deal with. Some are just small time hobbyists, others are large hacktivist groups looking to deal major damage.

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Multiprotocol Label Switching: An In Depth View

Contributed by LoyCurtis Smith


Survey of Sensitive Information Detection Techniques: The need and usefulness of Machine Learning Techniques

Contributed by Riya Shah and Manisha Valera


Software Defined Networking: What it is and what you should know!

Contributed by Jeff Dixon

It’s well known that technology changes and creates new and increasing demands at an incredible pace. There have been few dramatic changes in how networks are designed over the years, however, that is quickly changing with the advent of Software Defined Networking (SDN). This paper will serve to provide a comprehensive guide to explore and explain the advancements of Software Defined Networking. The purpose is aimed to further inform and educate readers about SDN, what it is, and what you need to know moving forward, learning today for the challenges of tomorrow.

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