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The Disruptive Impact of Coin Miners and Cryptojacking Attacks

Contributed by Craig Olson:
This paper explores the disruptive impact of coin miners on public as well as private sector entities and it also presents best practices for inoculating organizations against nefarious cryptojacking attacks. The past few years have seen an unprecedented global surge in coin mining activity which simultaneously triggered fierce competition for computing resources along with the energy needed to power them. This, in turn, spawned a rapid evolution within the coin mining industry and lead to numerous ingenious as well as unscrupulous practices including cryptojacking. To illustrate the disruptive nature of cryptojacking this paper will incorporate supporting facts and figures gathered via publicly available sources including information from research papers produced by cybersecurity organizations.
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Preventing Social Engineering Attacks

Contributed by Tristan Irvin


Quantum Computing: Time for Change?

Contributed by Jordan Lydon
With the advent of modern computing and the desire to always have more compute power and faster access to data, some companies are beginning to look towards different options to potentially be on the forefront of the future of computing. A lot of big names in the technology industry, such as Microsoft, IBM, Intel and Alphabet, are investing in quantum computing looking to be the first to bring the technology to the mainstream computing world. The return on investment for these companies could be potentially enormous if quantum computing becomes viable for long-term mainstream use in server or workspace environments. The potential advancements that stand to come from moving to quantum wafers also come with their own set of risks, costs, education and security considerations.
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Data Breaches: Who is behind them, why they do it, and how to protect your data

Contributed by David McDaniel


Guns for Hire: An Exploration of Booter Services

Contributed by Sam Dixon


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