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This paper is a good introduction to Bitlocker. Microsoft bitlocker is a full disk encryption tool/software to help protect data that is saved on the hard drive that has Microsoft windows installed on the system.

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Steganography FAQ

Contributed by Aelphaeis Mangarae

Steganography is the practice of hiding private or sensitive information within something that appears to be nothing out of the usual. Steganography is often confused with cryptology because the two are similar in the way that they both are used to protect important information. The difference between the two is that Steganography involves hiding information so it appears that no information is hidden at all. If a person or persons views the object that the information is hidden inside of he or she will have no idea that there is any hidden information, therefore the person will not attempt to decrypt the information.

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Cloud Computing and Homomorphic Encryption

Contributed by Vicki Holzknecht

Cloud Computing has recently gained quite a bit of momentum throughout the technology community. The Cloud is intertwined in everyday living via mobility platforms, social networking, email, accessing cloud based applications, the list goes on for miles. Cloud Computing allows for services to be delivered by simply having an Internet connection. When encrypted data is sent to the cloud is it truly secure? How safe is the Cloud? The research within this paper will explain how a form of encryption known as homomorphic can be interlaced into the software for truly encrypting data without it ever being decrypted when stored within the cloud.

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Distinguishing Attack on FastFlex Stream Cipher

Contributed by M. Orumiehchi

Fastflex is a fast and flexible stream cipher that is designed for hardware and software environments. In this article, we point out that the keystream generated from FastFlex can be distinguished from a truly random stream with probability 1 and a few output streams.

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An Encrypto-Stego Technique Based Secure Data Transmission System

Contributed by Neha Sharma, Mr. J. S. Bhatia, and Dr. Mrs. Neena Gupta

Digital communication has become an essential part of infrastructure nowadays, a lot of applications are Internet-based and in some cases it is desired that communication be made secret. Consequently, the security of information has become a fundamental issue. Two techniques are available to achieve this goal: Encryption and steganography is one of them. Using cryptography, the data is transformed into some other gibberish form and then the encrypted data is transmitted. In steganography, the data is embedded in an image file and the image file is transmitted.

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