Preventing Social Engineering Attacks

Contributed by Tristan Irvin
Social engineering plays a key role in information security. Many attacks are social engineering attacks, and they can cause significant damage to a business – whether indirectly or directly. Social engineering attacks attempt to steal private information and use it maliciously. In this paper, the different methods of attacks are discussed. After learning the different ways social engineering attacks are conducted, we look at how to prevent them. Preventing social engineering attacks is an important aspect of information security because these attacks are considered one of the easier attacks. By preventing these attacks, the sensitive data that attackers are attempting to gain won’t be of easy access. A one hundred percent prevention rate is difficult to achieve, and some social engineering attacks are successful; however, there are ways to save important information from being leaked when an attack is successful. By learning the different attack methods and how to prevent them, the threat of social engineering attacks can easily be dramatically decreased.
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