Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy - The Many Faces of Anonymous

Written by Gabriella Coleman
I was personally interested in reading about Anonymous and bought this book to satisfy that urge.  It was released in 2014/2015 but an interesting read to understand the history and impact they had on the world.
The book starts with the beginning of the movement in 4chan and concludes with how the Anonymous organization has evolved and how the world has changed because of their existence.  The book also includes details about key members, clips of conversations that occurred over the years, internal struggles the group had, and how an author lost herself to an activist organization.  
I particularly enjoyed the fact that the book cites both the Anonymous point of view and the legal systems view.  It includes conversations and allows the reader to experience what both sides were thinking at any point in time.  This approach to writing makes the book read more like a cat and mouse chase, making it more of a fictional story versus a reference book.
In addition to the various point of views, you also get a journalist in the heart of it, witnessing the organization mature.  It talks about the idea, the creation of the group, how it expanded past a single goal in to more of a movement, and its current state of the organization at the conclusion of the book.  A very well-rounded journey and a fun read.
If you have ever wondered how activist groups influenced the world, this is a must read.
I am no longer giving ratings on books.   If it is here, its worth the read.
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